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Zybra Accounting Software is an easy to use cloud based accounting software for Small & Medium scale business. It makes Accounting EffortLess and can be accessed Anytime & Anywhere. Zybra is a feature rich software with many features including 1. Dashboard – Real-time updates of data in graphical form. Shows graphs of Total Receivables, Total Payables, Cash Flow, Top Expenses, Income vs Expenses and more. 2. Contact – User can manage all the contacts of Customers & Vendors. User can also view the receivables & payables of each of them & generate customer/vendor statements. 3. Inventory – User can manage basic inventory of items/services. 4. Banking – All Cash & Bank Accounts can be added & managed here. 5. Sales – User can Add/Send/Edit/Covert Estimates/Invoices/Recurring Invoices/Credit Notes/Payment Received for sales related transactions the business. 6. Purchase – User can Add/Send/Edit/Covert POs/Bills/Recurring Bills/Vendor Credits/Payment Made/Expense/Recurring Expense for purchase related transactions the business. 7. Accountant – All chart of accountants & Journal Entries can be managed here. 8. Taxes – User can create different Taxes, Compound Taxes for sales & purchase entries. 9. Documents – This is a basic DMS for all bookkeeping related documents(Invoices/Bills/Receipts/Bank Statements)[this works well with Receipts Manager App]. 10. Reports – Gives access to 40+ different reports including P&L, Cashflow & Balance Sheet 11. Organization Profile – User can manage details about their organization & add logo for each transaction document that is generated. 12. Opening Balances – to enter the opening balance of the last Financial Year when starting to use the software 13. User & Role Management – Apart from basic accounting features, user can also invite/control access to different users for Add/View/Delete rights for different section. 14. Module Preferences – Activate/Inactivate modules when not needed for the business. 15. Live Chat Support – a 24x7 live chat support is provided inside the software.
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How Zybra helps to file GSTR-1 on GST Portal

  • Posted on May 17, 2018
  • |
  • By Leena Bhagchandani

Important pointers for filling GSTR-1:

GSTR-1 is filled to disclose all the outward supplies of the reporting time period by every registered supplier. It is the first step in passing input credits to the suppliers.

The return is filled every month of quarter by every registered dealer. If the sales turnover for previous financial year or estimated for present year is below 1.5 crore, user may opt for quarterly filling of return. He/she is suppose to file this return latest by 10th of the next period.

Filling GSTR-1:

Every registered dealer has a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTRIN). A valid GSTRIN notifies the supplier with an username and password.

  1. User should login with valid username on GST Portal.
  2. Select “Returns Dashboard” from “Returns” under “Services”.
  3. Select the reporting period for filling return. And go to “Details of outward supplies of goods and services- GSTR-1”.
  4. Two options are available. You may choose to prepare return Online and fill in the gst accounting software
  5. Or user might choose to upload file prepared offline.upload GSTR-1 offline gst accounting software
  6. When you chose to prepare Offline, the file has to be uploaded on GST portal in JSON Format only.
  7. Zybra accounting software provides a JSON format of the Return prepared in the Software.
  8. Select “GSTR-1” in “Reports” to get the details of GSTR-1GSTR-1 Report-zybra gst accounting software
  9. User has to download the file from the software in JSON format and upload the same at GST Portal.JSON format-GSTR1-.zybra gst accounting softwrae
  10. File can be then uploaded on GST portal.
  11. User can check the check and click “submit” to file the return on the GST portal.
  12. Once the data is validated, user has to click “File GSTR-1″and proceed to e-sign the form.
  13. The portal will provide a pop-up to confirm, with “yes” or”no”.
  14. by selecting “yes” the return is filled and an Acknowledgement Reference Number (ARN)is generated.

Filling GSTR-1 becomes a quick and easy process with Zybra GST Accounting Software.

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  • Posted on May 17, 2018
  • |
  • By Leena Bhagchandani
  • |

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